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US L1 Visa

The USA L1 Visa functions similarly to the UK work permit application of an ICT (Intra Company Transfer) that permits a UK-based company to move a specific employee to the branch office in US, by issuing him/her a US visa. A L1 US Work Visa can be utilized by an employee of the foreign company migrating to US in order to start up a new office or a branch or a subsidiary in US. For this, a Visa for 1 year duration will be approved, after which the company should function efficiently, to apply for the extension of the visa.

To apply for a US L1 Visa get our Free Assessment to start. You just to need to complete the L1 assessment form and our professionals will contact you.


Similar to the US H1B visa for skilled immigration to US, applying a US L1 Visa is a much quicker process than preparing an application for lawful US permanent residence, or as it is commonly known as a US Green Card application. This class of US visa along with H1-B Visa tends to be the popular ones with employers willing to bring overseas nationals to US, to fill particular roles.


L1 Visa is for the US business immigration which is issued for a period of 3 years. If the applicant still requires continuing in the position, then he/she can obtain a 2 to 7 years extension      



Working Holiday Visa USA

Every year, thousands of tourists are moving to US under Working Holiday Visa. MoreVisas has got success in applying for US visas, start you Free Assessment with MoreVisas and be a winner.

Temporary Work Visa

To acquire a temporary America working holiday visa, the candidate should have a job offer from a company in USA. Different visas are issued based on whether they have a bachelor degree, or are a trainee, or a skilled or unskilled worker.

International Cultural Exchange

There is a need of an American visa if the candidate is invited as part of a program called cultural exchange. Visas for overseas working holiday of this type are awarded for cultural exchange schemes taking part in a museum or business or school where a cultural component is vital to any employment or training. USA cultural exchange working holidays visas are issued to nationals above 18 years of age and last not greater than 15 months.

Domestic Employees

If you are planning to work in US as an au pair, gardener, nanny, valet or other household assistance, you can opt for an American working holiday visa in domestic worker category. To acquire a USA working holiday visa, the applicant need to submit a portfolio of documents to the embassy in US to support your issue, particularly under criminal conviction, medical problems or ever been deported from the nation.


US Business Visa

MoreVisas is an expert consultancy in US Business Visa processing. If you are willing to travel to the US for business purposes, MoreVisas can suggest and guide on all types of US business Visas. We have immigration experts who are well versed with US business visa policies.

USA Business Visa B1

US immigration law for foreign candidates who wish to conduct business in the US for more than 90 days will need a B1 visa. This is limited to short-term actions, which is primarily used for occasions such as signing contracts, litigation or attending meetings. It also includes:

  • Voluntary work
  • Taking part in sales exhibition
  • Unpaid independent researchers whose employment will not benefit in any case to the American institution
  • Lecturers and Speakers who are not being paid any fee

A USA B1 visa also covers expert athletes taking part in a tournament for prize money, as contrasting to salary; this is the only payment for them and religious work as a preacher or missionary are also eligible to apply under this category.

US Business Visa for Treaty Traders and Investors

This visa is for candidates of countries with which the US maintains a treaty of commerce and friendship:

  • The E1 visa covers visitors who wish to carry on a considerable trade between the USA and the treaty nation. Suppose an industry that enjoys substantial US sales (greater than 50% of its whole international trade), but it has no outlets there, and might succeed for treaty trader status. The employees or owner may then acquire an E1 Visa
  • An overseas investor who buys 75% share in a business, which is US based and employs mainly the citizens of US, might be able to step into the US on an E2 visa for the need to operate his/her business

All E visas categories can be issued for about five years, but candidates should continue to meet the primary trade criteria of the visas.


Green Card through Investment

Green Card through Investment is only available to the entrepreneurs investing in the US business and creating jobs for the US workers. Qualifying for this visa is easy, but you must ensure to make a substantial investment which will create permanent full-time jobs. You can have a free assessment to know your eligibility.

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