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City focus: New York, USA

New York Immigration

Have you always dreamed of the Big Apple? Would you like to walk down Broadway, stand at the top of the Empire State Building and visit the Statue of Liberty? MoreVisas can help you get a US green card, find a job in USA or apply for a US tourist visa. Start today, and your dream will be here soon!

Known for its bright lights, bustling streets and busy offices, for many New York is the centre of the world. It's an astonishing place to visit and truly a city of dreams for many immigrants.

New York's population

New York is the largest city in the USA with over 8 million people living there. It has a very high population density, higher than Mumbai, so rental prices are very high. Many people who work in the city live far outside it, commuting with the area's extensive train and ferry network. New York city is already home to over 500,000 Indian immigrants, so it's easy to find support and friendships among people from your own region. 

Arts, music and theatre

New York is, in many ways, the cultural capital of the USA. For a play to be performed on Broadway or a musician to play at Madison Square Gardens means that they have truly arrived. Smaller venues host music, theatre, cinema and art events of all kinds, and many Indian performers visit the city on their tours.

Warm summers and cold winters

So much concrete and steel in one place has an effect on the climate, and New York is typically a few degrees warmer than the surrounding areas. As it is a sea port, it gets storms and rain from the Atlantic. In winter, this includes snow and while there is no monsoon, the city is sometimes hit by severe storms.  

A city of opportunities

While much of America is still reeling after the 2008 financial crisis, New York is always a city packed with opportunities. From CEOs at high tech firms to taxi drivers, Indian immigrants are carving out a space for themselves at every level. While the cost of living is high, wages are often high, too, allowing many Indians to provide valuable support to family back home. 

A bustling city

So many people living close together, make for a city that never sleeps. In New York, many services are open all hours, so you can go to the gym at midnight, the cinema at breakfast time or find a bar open at noon. It has a reputation as an unfriendly city, but it is actually made up of many small communities so while people on the subway or train won't talk, people in a neighbourhood will often make fast friends. New York is also home to over 40 universities and other world class academic institutions. As a result, it's a popular destination for US student visa holders. The USA visa requirements are complex, and many people who apply independently do not succeed in getting a US green card. At MoreVisas, we fully understand the US immigration policy and can ensure that your US visa application has the best possible chance of success. 

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