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The effects Migrants have had on the UK

The effects Migrants have had on the UK

Since the earth started to be populated by man there has always been people born outside of the UK who choose our country as their own. These days to do this they must obtain a visa to be granted entry into the UK; either a Skilled Working Visa, a Study Visa, Dependants Visa, Ancestors Visa, Temporary Visa or hope to seek asylum. Though in days gone by people could simply arrive by ship and set up life here with immense ease.

Vikings were the first large group of people to enter the UK and settle here, and many settlements still stand in the country today of Viking Hamlets, Roman Architecture and Saxon runes, these our now prolifically tourist spots though they also shaped the country and without the invasions the UK would simply not be what it is today.

Closer to home in the late 1800’s the UK received mass migrations of Irish people, they came to escape the wide spread poverty in their native land which was due to the potato famine. Irish people were starving, they were destitute and heavily exploited by landowners and had limit options available to them to survive. So many scraped together the money for one ticket for a ship or ferry heading for the UK, these were usually men who would leave their family back home with the hope to return with monies earned or be able to, in time, bring their families over to the UK too. The Irish people received huge prejudices, very similar to the black people across the world. Establishments such as guest houses and public houses would refuse entry and or accommodation to those of Irish origin and this was widely acceptable and never questioned. Regardless of the fact that is was these Irish immigrants that were building Britain up, they were doing dirty hard jobs, working extremely long hours for very little pay and it was a miserable existence though still preferable to their native land. The work the Irish did for our country is shown in every town, village and city today. Roads, docks, buildings, bridges and more were all built by the hands of Irish men in the late 20th and early 21st century.

The next stream of migrants to the UK in such a large volume were those prolifically of Jamaican and West Indian nationality. These groups were targeted by the UK and encouraged over to the country with many promises. The reason for this was the year 1945 saw the end of the second world war and the UK had been blitzed to smitherenes by the Nazi’s, during the six years of war Britain lost thousands upon thousands of it’s men and the manpower in the country was simply not enough to get the UK back on it’s feet. For this we needed more men. Migrants came over from the Caribbean and surrounding area to help rebuild our country, and though invited and very much needed they received the same racist treatment that the Irish people had fifty years previously. They were refused accommodation, they received little pay and worked extremely long hours, in short they were exploited.

Many UK citizens today have ancestors of Irish, Caribbean and other origins and we are known as a country of immigrants. This is why, through education and time the country has abolished all racism and prejudice and offers a safe haven to migrants, a full benefit system, health care, housing, education and full support and guidance to those who need it - regardless of colour, creed or race. Many may see this is wrong, but when you look back on our history it is very much the least we can do.

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