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Stay safe in the UK


Whether you have got a temporary or a permanent visa into the United Kingdom you will still go through the same transition process and adaptation will be the same for all migrants who enter if there to stay permanently or not. There’s certain things which you can benefit a great deal from for knowing in advance and things which many brochures or internet pages omit to mention. As they say, forewarned is forearmed… 

The United Kingdom, like anywhere, has it’s fair share of crime and there are many things that someone naive to the country should be fully aware of in order to stay safe and thoroughly enjoy their time here. The issues with cities in the UK such as London or Manchester is that violent crimes are not unheard of, there are places that people, especially migrants, should not go alone at night. Migrants are much more vulnerable than UK residents as targets for criminals. Migrants on a whole will have read all the good there is to know about the UK and how welcoming the people are and on a whole that is true, but their are the less than desirable people in the UK who use this to their advantage and exploit the trusting nature of a migrant and pray on the vulnerability. 

There are new scams which come to light practically daily here, most are fraud and a way for scammers to con money out of someone. UK residents are on a whole clued up about this but a migrant may not be, the advice is to be on your guard at all times. Do not trust an individual on the street, if you need advice or support of any kind you can walk into any police station, government run building or immigration authority office and receive the accurate and correct help. Do not be mislead by those not in these establishments who could just be wanting to do you harm. Drug trafficking, people trafficking and prostitution is the highest it has ever been in the UK and tricksters will try every trick in the book to recruit new members, migrants are a particular favourite as they tend to not know what is genuine and what is not. 

Pick pocketing and mugging is as old as the sun and most people are aware of how to stay safe, never have any valuables on show, do not keep anything of value in a back pocket or out of your sight, inner pockets and bags which go across your body are the safest options for carrying possessions around with you. At a cash point be aware of all your surroundings, if you feel uneasy simply move on, there are millions of cash points available you do not need to stay somewhere you do not feel safe. Keep your wits about you at all times, the friendly cockney and down to earth manc are predominantly personas, you're more likely to meet a Fagin than you are a Mary Poppins!

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