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Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration


  • Overview
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Application Process
  • Quebec Skilled Workers Immigration, French Language Tests Requirements
  • Employment Opportunities


Starting June 30th and till 31st March, 2013, Quebec Immigration offices have temporarily stopped accepting any new applications for a selection certificate for Businesspeople including investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed. Applications for certain categories of skilled professionals and tradespersons will, however, continue to be accepted! We will be pleased to assist you for assessment for possible filing under Quebec skilled worker program and alternate immigration options. What we need from you to conduct a free of charge assessment is following:

  • Spouse's resume if applicable    

One of the special genres of service offered by More Visas includes Immigration to Quebec. The Quebec province in Canada offers a separate immigrant visa which is different from the ones offered by Federal Canada. If you are thinking of permanently settling down in Quebec, then Quebec Skilled Worker Program is for you. The provincial authorities of Quebec manage this program. 

For IT professionals intending to immigrate to Canada, This program is an excellent opportunity. The new list of 29 occupations mentioned by Federal Government of Canada does not feature this profession. Hence, Quebec is definitely a good scorer in this specific regard of immigration. However, some niche areas are also available for employment in this province.
An immigrant to Quebec has unlimited or unrestricted access to the local job market in Quebec. In order to be secure employment in Quebec, an immigrant does not require any other kind of additional work permit. An Immigrant can also seek employment after landing in Quebec it is not mandatory to have a job offer in hand or does not require a sponsoring employer.
Quebec province is home for many leading businesses. Montreal, its largest city and it is known for its beauty and regarded as one of the best cities in the world. This city offers a wide range of opportunities to individuals in various sectors. The businesses in Quebec are always looking out for fresh talent to meet their business needs. 
More Visas offers a free assessment test to check whether you can qualify this program. Based on the result of the assessment test, we will assist you in your immigration process. If your profile does not meet the skill set then our immigration specialists will provide you options of other alternate countries for immigration, where the chances of you securing the immigration are higher. 
Contact us or know more about the Quebec Immigration process, write to us at to know more.

Eligibility Criteria

Intention to live and work in Quebec: All applicants applying for this program must intend to live and work in Quebec. With this, they should also be able to demonstrate that they have the skills and ability to contribute to the provincial economy.

  • Training Factor: Applicants can earn points if their earned qualifications fall under the designated and applicable list of foreign earned qualifications. Where qualifications are unrelated, one can claim credit if such an unrelated qualification is earned in the five year period preceding the filing of the application. Assessment experts at MOREVISAS will assist you in determining whether or not you can claim credit under the training factor. Remember that one may still qualify under the program though he may not be gaining any training factor credit.
  • French Language Skills: Quebec Skilled Migrant program is the only one its kind where credits are given for oral and understanding aspects of French and English language. There are many misconceptions regarding French in Quebec Applicants need not worry about reading and writing aspects of French language as they carry no special point credits. Applicants at initial stage of learning or even with low skill level can also apply. Assessment experts at MOREVISAS, through years of experience in managing applications under Quebec Skilled Migrant program, will advise you about precise levels of French language that you or your family need to achieve in order to get a successful decision. Many of you on account of varying factor may be able to get selected under the program against very low French language skills.
  • Other factors include age, a validated employment offer, number and age of dependent children, qualifications of the spouse and so on. If you are confused whether or not to apply, our experts are here to guide at all levels. Send the following details now to and get Free of Charge Assessment from experts with years of experience in managing applications under the Quebec skilled worker program:
    • If married, also resume of your spouse with clear mention of her age and qualifications
    • Contact us to know more!

      There is a specific procedure in order to apply for the Quebec Skilled Migrant program. The first step in this process is the filling and filing of this application at the Quebec Immigration Visa Post. Take note that all the incomplete applications are rejected. Relevant mandatory documents have to be provided with the application for it to be processed further. Based on the credentials and documents provided by you, it would be decided by the visa officer, whether or not you qualify for the next stage.

      Your updated resume a personal interview is an important part of the selection procedure. This interview is conducted for the visa officer to  assess you as a potential migrant. He evaluates the level of adaptability along with the necessary skills that could prove you to be a successful migrant in Quebec. Your oral skills in French would also be evaluated completely. However, those proficient in French along with meeting the other selecting factors might be exempted from this personal interview. Immigration experts with years of experience in managing applications under the Quebec skilled worker category will brief you on interview process and related queries. We have experts who can guide you with the kind of questions that are asked and so on.

      If married, resume of your spouse specifying her age and qualifications

    • Have you at any time during qualification or work, learned French language?

    French is the most widely spoken language in the province of Quebec. Knowledge of French is critical when it comes to filing an application for immigration to Canada under Quebec Skilled Worker Program. This is altogether a different issue that myths and misconceptions surrounding this criterion exist in plenty, with the most common being the growing perception that those who do not know the French language are ineligible to apply. This is incorrect as knowledge of French language is just one of the many skills sought by the Quebec Immigration authorities. This includes education; number of years of experience, occupation is which experience is earned, language factor, application spousal credentials, and number of children, financial capability, and visa officers assessment on personal suitability, among many others. If one meets the pass-mark and selection criteria without consideration of the language factor points, then a successful application can still be filed - even if the applicant does not know or learn French.

    Contact Us! MOREVISAS is your best guide for Quebec Skilled Worker Program. We are in this business since long!
    Please send the following information to to get a completely free of charge assessment.

    • If married, also resume of your spouse with clear mention of her age and qualifications
    • Have you at any time during qualification or work, learned French language?

    Employment Opportunities

    When it comes to immigrating to Quebec, you do not have to worry about qualifying under any specific occupation lists as it is with Federal Canada where in one has to qualify under the List of 29 Occupations. The eligibility criteria and application process for Quebec immigration are completely different from that of Federal Canada.

    When it comes to the economy of Quebec, it is highly diversified catering to numerous opportunities for its immigrants and residents. For your convenience, we have enlisted of some of the most productive industries in the province. These include the following:

    • Information Technology
    • Health Industry

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