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New Zealand General Skilled Migration


New Zealand General Skilled Migrant Program



Within a very short time period, New Zealand has evolved with an unrestrictive and sophisticated business environment that now have aggressive competition in the world markets.

At Morevisas, we provide you expert guidance for your NZ immigration. No matter what your reason for NZ migration might be, be it work opportunities, living standards, natural beauty or any other, you can simply rely on us and take advantage of the expertise of our immigration consultants who had been guiding people since years. From paper work to helping you select the right visa category, we are keen to provide you the best aid possible.

NZ economy standing strong in a developed and prosperous condition is a major motivator to draw immigrants to NZ. The higher GDP of the country perfectly relates to the sophisticated standard of living of people in NZ. Despite of an increase in the figures of people migrating to New Zealand, the country still has a shortage of skilled workers in various fields.

Essential Skills in Demand List contains the occupation list for NZ that are the in-demand occupations according to the needs of the NZ economy. This list is updated on a regular basis and our immigration consultants keep a vigilant eye for the amendments made in this list to ensure maximum benefit of our clients. Medical and electronic professionals are often highly in demand in NZ. Also, when it comes to Human Development Index, NZ ranks at Nineteenth position and is still improving.

While pristine natural beauty of this enchanting island offers the rarely found tranquil atmosphere, yet top notch living standards here are not second to any developed country. This combination of peaceful environment and yet offering the comforts of today's modern world make NZ the first immigration choice for many people nowadays.

Nonetheless, friendliness, independence and strength of residents have won great repute for the country. This makes NZ a great place for immigration, due to less adjustment problems and with less of homesickness jitters for the migrants.

New Zealand is also amongst the world's safest and most peaceful countries, providing more temptation to immigrants to make it their new home. Excellent roads along with the amenities, such as Internet, telephone and power supply are made available to the whole population throughout the country. Love of residents for different kinds of sports activities add to the charm of New Zealand.

Work ethics and ability of an individual is given supreme importance in the Kiwi culture. Your contribution and efforts for the development of the society are highly recognized and applauded.

The decision of immigration to NZ changes your life completely and must be considered carefully. Having faced any dilemmas or queries, you can consult us anytime and we would be more than glad to assist you the right way.

At Morevisas, our dedicated team of immigration specialists has been assisting prospective New Zealand settlers by providing sound guidance in visa procedure for many years. Our services are sure to save time, efforts and money on your part and also add onto your enhanced immigration experience. Consult our immigration expert today for a Free Assessment of your New Zealand visa application and related recognition of NZQA qualification.

Application Process

New Zealand welcomes everyone with relevant qualifications, skills and experience that can contribute to the development of the New Zealand economy. If your occupation appears on the Essential Skills in Demand List for New Zealand occupations, you must not delay to immigrate to New Zealand.

Skilled Migrant Category is the most suitable immigration category that gives you the freedom to live and work in New Zealand permanently. Morevisas can help this dream come true for you in the easiest way possible. Given below is the detailed procedure that we follow to help our clients get approval under the skilled migrant category:

  1. Meeting the basic requirements - We assist you in submitting the Expression of interest to enhance your chances of acceptability for minimum NZ immigration requirements. Points at this level are awarded on the basis of your qualification, if you have an offer letter for a job in NZ or not and other such factors. Besides, some other basic requirements for occupational registration, health, English language ability and character must also be fulfilled. Our immigration specialists ensure that the information provided work to your utmost advantage and get your EOI accepted for further processing. An acceptance of EOI is followed by a request to apply for residency in NZ.
  2. Selecting EOI - EOIs that successfully claim over 100 points are submitted into the pool. EOI that claimed 140 or above points are selected automatically from this pool, whereas those that have points between 100 and 140 are selectively picked up according to the demands of NZ. Sometimes EOI may remain in the pool for six months. In that case, your EOI is withdrawn from pool and you are notified about the same and we can then assist you in applying with an EOI again. But if Immigration New Zealand did not select any EOIs from the pool at all, your EOI may stay in the pool itself even after six months until the next lot of EOIs is selected.
  3. Official request to apply for residence - In case, you have been lucky enough to get your EOI drawn by INZ (Immigration New Zealand) and your claims are successfully verified, you are then sent an official request to apply for residence. The invitation mentions a period of four months, before which you must apply under the New Zealand`s Skilled Migrant category. We help you arrange all necessary documents, such as passport, certifications and qualifications that are to be provided, along with duly filled application forms and the applicable fees. Our immigration experts guide you in filling the form correctly and assure hassle-free approval of your application.
  4. Complete assessment - Once your application for residence is received, your claims as well as your suitability to stay in NZ are assessed. Sometimes, INZ may also wish to interview you and your dependants. At this time, they may ask about your current support networks, employment prospects and familiarity with the country. Contact our experts today to know more about the probable interview questions in your case. For speedy processing of your application, it is better to have an employment offer in NZ, beforehand. If INZ is satisfied with your interview, approval to your application is granted. But in case, the officials are not completely satisfied, they may give you a resident permit or visa to come to NZ and see if you could get a skilled job. Your residence application is approved as soon as you get the job. The time period allowed to get a job in NZ is nine months.

    Get in touch with us at the earliest as you fill our Free Assessment Form and allow us to give an ultimate start to the new beginning of your career with NZ visa.

Qualifying Criteria

Skilled migrant category enjoys the utmost popularity among all visa classes to get the permanent Residency status in NZ. NZIS (The New Zealand Immigration Service) currently deals in visas for the skilled migrant category for New Zealand immigration. Skills of the applicant in accordance with their nominated occupation are taken into consideration along with the points that are awarded for several factors.

Applications then enter a pool, where the needed number of candidates is selected by NZIS, on the basis of demand of skilled workers in NZ. Aspiring NZ immigrants must be aware of the key selection criteria in order to gain maximum points possible. Morevisas expert immigration consultants can help you a great deal in this regard. Being the industry leaders, we stay updated and work in tandem with the regulations laid by the New Zealand Immigration authorities.

Applicants must be below 56 years and should earn at least 100 points each in order to be eligible for NZ immigration. However, meeting the prerequisites of the English language, character certificate and health is also mandatory before we lodge your Expression of Interest.

Prior employment offer in New Zealand, age, qualifications and work experience, all play a crucial role in analyzing the points accumulated by you. Our specialists can also help you gain bonus points for factors that you may be unaware about, like you can earn additional points if your employment is in areas that are identified for future growth and have absolute or cluster skill shortages.

Pooling of Expressions of Interest is done, which are further ranked by the Immigration New Zealand on the basis of a particular selection criterion. Applicants who had been lucky enough to qualify through the selection criteria are selected for the available places and are requested to file an application for New Zealand residence. All essential documents are then sent by these applicants to provide support for claims made by them in the Expression of Interest.

If you do not wish to waste much of your time and efforts, our New Zealand immigration specialists can also provide you assistance in filing an Expression of Interest and ensure that the documents submitted later are sufficient to prove the claims that have been made by you in Expression of Interest. This bleaks your chances of refusal of your New Zealand immigration application and increases your likeliness to be in NZ with permanent residency, very soon.

We also bring you one-to-one with our licensed advisors, appointed for NZ immigration. Our registered immigration agents do a genuine Free Assessment of your eligibility for this visa class to New Zealand from your home country.

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