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The Most Attractive Beaches in Australia

Australia has the best coastlines in the world. Three of the world’s famous ocean meets in the Australian coastline namely, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Southern Ocean. The coastline of Australia is more than 30,000 (km) in length, and if we include the islands the coastline goes up to 47,000 (km) in length. Australia comprises of around 10,685 beaches. No wonder why the Australians love their beaches and indulge in various activities like water sports, surfing, and family outing. These beaches are a part of Australian culture. Tourists visit Australia for all these beaches. To visit Australia on a holiday an individual needs to apply for an Australia Tourist Visas. Before you apply for your tourist visa, it is always recommended taking assistance from immigration and visa counsellor. MoreVisas is the best immigration and visa counsellor. Their experienced counsellors will provide complete assistance in securing the visa.

There are numerous beaches in Australia, and each beach has its own beauty and charm, some of the most beautiful beaches of Australia include.

Turquoise Bay: This beach is situated in Exmouth, Western Australia. Turquoise Bay is possibly one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Turquoise Bay is well known for its crystal clear water and its proximity Ningaloo. Tourists can try drifting snorkel and also watching the colourful coral with a variety of fish. This beach is a perfect place to spend and relax in the afternoon and enjoying the water.

Whitehaven Beach: Whitehaven Beach is located in Queensland. It is a 7 kilometre long beach along the Whitsunday Island. Whitehaven Beach is known for its pristine white sand. Water sports options are available. This beach defines the nature at its best and provides a sense of relaxation and enjoyment. Plan your trip to Australia to see the scenic beauty of Whitehaven Beach.

Cable Beach: Another beautiful beach in the Western Australia. This beach secured its name from the fact that a telegraphic cable is passes between Broome and Java. The beach is a 22 kilometre stretch of pure white sand, against the backdrop of red ochre cliffs and fringed by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. The beach is known for its long stretches of sand. The water in the beach always remains at a comfortable temperature.

Wilson’ Promontory or Squeaky Beach: This beautiful beach is located in Victoria. Known for its white sand and pristine water. This beach secured its name from the fact that when somebody walks or runs in the sand it squeaks. The view of the beach is truly spectacular. It’s the best places to surf and swim. The temperature of the water is cold, and it’s advisable that kids should not swim as the water can get rough and choppy at times.

Coolangatta Beach: Coolangatta Beach has the best surfing condition and is exceptionally attractive. This beach is known for its clear water which is lukewarm. The view of the beach is exceptionally stunning. You can take a long walk, relax the moment and enjoy the sunset.

If you wish to visit Australia, you should secure a tourist visa; there are few eligibility criteria’s which you need to meet. The criteria include:

  • Applicant will have to provide evidence that he/she possess sufficient funds to support himself/herself or their family for the entire stay in Australia.
  • Applicant will not seek or undertake employment in Australia.
  • Applicant should not possess any criminal record and must not intend to abide the laws of Australia.

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Travel to Brisbane and explore the bright side of Australia

I have been here in Brisbane for a month now. I came here directly from India where I completed my Bachelor’s degree. I have come to Australia to peruse my higher studies. The cultural differences between India and Australia are huge, but I quickly got used to it. Compared to India I have found that Australia is very different to my home in a lot of many ways. It was fascinating for me, and I got easily use to this lifestyle. I was so grateful that I speak English fluently. The Aussies have a distinctive slang I am still trying to understand their slang. Before applying for an Australian Student Visa I searched for experienced visa consultants. I found about MoreVisas and contacted them to assist me for applying for the visa.

The first month in Australia has completely flown in sometime. I just can’t believe that how time is quickly passing. Brisbane already makes me feel like home.

I visited Heron Island and Moreton Island I am certainly looking forward to spend 5 nights on Heron Island. Two weeks ago I visited Cairns and snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, which was a lifelong dream of mine that I have finally accomplished.

I also got the opportunity to explore the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary right here in Brisbane. This was another highlight of my experience. The Kangaroos nibbling food right out of your hand, cuddly koala photos, and the wild dingoes and Tasmanian devils made the trip memorable. The wildlife in Australia is unique. Even the birds, which wake me up in the morning have a unique sound which I had never heard in India. I still can’t believe that the kangaroos are viewed on roadside pests in many parts of Australia. They are much cuter than the deer, which is what I am used to seeing everywhere.

Overall, my first few weeks in Brisbane were filled with adjustment and adventure. I learn a new Australian phrase or word at least once in a day from conversations with my housemates. I live in a shared house with my 3 Australian roommates. My room is about a 5 minute bike ride to the university campus. I have also been learning how to navigate Brisbane via the CityCat ferries, trains and buses. I am finally feeling more like a Brisbane local. I am ready to take on my other bigger adventures to various cities in Australia.

I have already made my tentative plans to travel to the Sydney, Whitsunday Islands, Melbourne, and eventually to New Zealand. MoreVisas is the best immigration and visa consultant. We provide appropriate information regarding the visas of various countries, which include South Africa, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, UK, US, Germany, Canada, Denmark and many more.

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MoreVisas - Country’s Best Visa Consultants launch their brand new app

Visa emigration consultation and services form an integral part of every individual’s and company’s travel plans simply because of the resources needed to get the ball rolling. India is one of the busiest countries in terms of processing Australia visa applications for business as well as personal travelers. Though there are many visa and immigration consultants in the country to render these services, none are quite like what MoreVisas is about. 

MoreVisas has been in the field of visa consultation and immigration services for over ten years now and the company has a long list of satisfied clients. The company has claimed to use the best in terms of knowledge and experience as far as the professionals go. And, now, the company in order to work further on its ‘convenient all in one place information angle’, has launched an exciting new app. MoreVisas is proud to launch its Mobile App in IOS, Andriod, Googleplay and Amazon.

This new app will help customers; find everything they need about the process and application of visa for Australia on the go. So, no matter when or where, the app is designed to give all the help one needs to gather information on visa and immigration proceedings. 

The best thing about this company and its growing list of services is that fact that MoreVisas has offices both in India as well as in other major cities of the world. For customers who are abroad and want assistance in matters concerning Australia visa application for permanent residency, the company and its professionals are well equipped to handle the job.

To know more, log onto
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Immigration Consultants MoreVisas Celebrates 10th Year as Industry Leader in Australia Immigration

MoreVisas celebrates its 10th year in business as a service leader among visa and immigration consultants in India. MoreVisas provides world class services through their staff of professional and expert immigration counselors. Shubhi Shah, General Manager of MoreVisas says about the experience of obtaining a visa, "When clients are seeking an overseas visa for work or permanent residence the process can become frustrating to the prospective emigrant, with an often troubling range of rules and procedures that can foster mistakes and hold up the process if not handled in a timely and exact manner. MoreVisas has spent it's first ten years in businesses building a reputation as the knowledgeable, friendly and dependable immigration consultants."

For those interested in living and working in Australia, MoreVisas offers quick and easy assessments. Immigration counselors who know the ins-and-outs of Australia immigration are ready to help with student visas, work visas, business visas, visit visas, permanent resident visas, family visas, and dependent visas. Our immigration counselors are specialized in providing visa information for various countries, which include the US, UK, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, South Africa, Canada, Norway and many more.

Australian work permits are one of the most common visas MoreVisas helps acquire for their clients. Australia offers immigration opportunities for people practicing several types of skilled occupations. Separate visas are available under certain conditions for business people, investors, students, spouses, and tourists. As a top visa consultant agency, MoreVisas understands the many amazing work and lifestyle opportunities made available by Australia immigration, and shows clients how to make the most of these opportunities.

The MoreVisas website ( provides a free immigration assessment through their own immigration tool. The quick and easy assessment will ask a number of questions about your travel and work goals. No sensitive information will be requested. By providing the country and visa of interest, nationality and basic contact information, our counselors will be able to quickly outline the requirements to reach a client's goal.

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