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Top 10 Hindi speaking destinations for Indian immigrants

Hindi is widely spoken in India, and there are some 300 million people around the world who speak Hindi as their primary language, and at least another 500 million who understand it. This makes it one of the most spoken languages in the world, and you might be surprised where it's used!

Moving to another country can be much easier if you know you'll be able to find similar cultural values and customs when you arrive. As a premier visa consultancy in India, MoreVisas provide support to Indians living their dream of working or travelling in other countries. Contact us today for help with an immigration application for the countries below or any other destination.

10. Germany

Sneaking onto this list with 30,000 Hindi speakers, Germany is a popular destination for Indians from across the country. At the heart of Europe and with a strong economy, Germany welcomes thousands immigrants from around the world every year. A German work visa is a great way to improve your career.

9. USA

The USA should probably be higher on this list, as it is home to over 3 million Indians. We've used official statistics, however, which indicate that 100,000 Americans list Hindi as their first or primary language. When you include green card applicants and those studying in the USA, however, the numbers are definitely higher!

8. Canada

While 100,000 Canadians list Hindi as their first or primary language, the country is home to a further 1 million Indians. Living and working in Canada is a popular choice for Indian migrants, and the largest community is found in Toronto, with an Indian population of around 570,000.

7. Australia

Living and working in Australia is a dream come true for the 110,000 Hindi speakers already established in that country. Centred around larger cities like Sydney and Canberra, the vibrant Indian community offers support and a home-away-from-home to new arrivals.

6. Suriname

The Hindi community in Suriname has been developing since the 19th century, and now boasts around 135,000 Hindi speakers. A small country in South America, Suriname is an unlikely home to a strong Hindi community. The country boasts areas of outstanding natural beauty, including unspoiled rain forest, as well as mineral, gold and oil reserves.

5. Yemen

The Republic of Yemen is home to 230,000 Hindi speakers, many of whom are short stay workers, looking to improve their financial position by taking a well-paying job in the country's developing oil industry. Yemen is relatively poor, when compared to nearby Arabic countries such as UAE, but nonetheless has a thriving Hindi community.

4. Fiji

The 460,000 Hindi speakers in Fiji are well-established, and the language has evolved there, creating one of the few Hindi dialects spoken outside of India. The new words are used to explore this Pacific island's way of life, which includes a relaxed lifestyle and a growing economy.

3. Trinidad and Tobago

These beautiful Caribbean islands are home to 525,000 Indians and people of Indian descent. Over the generations, many have switched to speaking English or the local creole. However many people still speak a dialect of Hindi, and Indian traditions and festivals are still celebrated on the islands.

2. Mauritius

Two-thirds of the population of Mauritius are Indian or of Indian descent and around 685,000 speak Hindi. Indian culture dominates in this small island nation. Over half the population are Hindu, and Indian festivals and holy days are widely celebrated.

1. South Africa

With an estimated 890,000 Hindi speakers, South Africa is a popular choice for Indians. Living and working in South Africa provides many opportunities for Hindi speakers. The Indian community in South Africa is well-established, with many families having lived and worked here for over a hundred years.

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