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With 2.47 Lakh Applications, Indians to be the top H-1B Visa Applicants
As per the recent data released by USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services),  Indians are declared to be the top H1B visa applicants during the first 9 months of the US financial year. The US first 9 months of the financial year starts from October 1 and ends...
H1B Visa Program Holding up Under Donald Trump
As per the recent data released it shows that the applicants are indomitable about H1B visa programme regardless of the frequent public criticism received by Donald trump.The new data by US Citizenship and Immigration Services released last Wednesday states that there are more than 3 lacs H1B visa extensions and...
Permit of Fast Processing by US for H1B Work Visas
Washington: The US has announced to recommence the premium processing for H1B visas, which was temporarily suspended by USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) for a period of six months. Normal processing of visas takes several months, whereas, under the premium processing, candidates are eligible for the approval of visas...
Tremendous Rise in the Applicants of O visa - US Senator
Washington: One of the top American Senate members stated today that the prospective applicants of H1B are advised to apply for an O-Visa rather than numerically capped H1B Visas. H1B Visas are proposed for highly skilled workers so as to evade the legal restrictions on job Visas.O Visa's...
Trump Administration : Additional 15,000 Foreign Workers to Work in US
Washington: The Trump administration has publicized an additional increase of 15,000  H2B visas for low-wage foreign workers. This decision was taken after analyzing the needs of US businesses that are unable to satisfy with the recent American employees who are willing and qualified to do the work.Department of Homeland Security...
US O1-B Visa Becomes Savior for Indians Looking for US Settlement
America might have tightened norms on its H1-B visa, raising concerns for many Indians willing to settle in the US; but the O1-B visa is now the new way through which qualified Indians can migrate to the country. O1-B is slowly becoming a very famous and lucrative option for people...
Social Media to help US Visa dept  for information on candidate's profile
The US consulates will now seek the assistance of the social media accounts and history for the candidate’s biographical information of the past 15 yrs. This is required to understand the conduct and candidates past profile which will be administered with due diligence and will foster tight visa...
No Change in the Number of H1B Visas for IT Techies
With a sigh of relief brought in by the information shared by Nirmala Sitharaman, Commerce Minister to the Indian IT industry has reprieved the feeling of distress. The system shall be revised with a more merit-based mechanism to select the best-suited candidate fit for serving the US for a tenure...
Americans and Europeans will Lose in Visa War
Both Americans and Europeans are likely to lose out in visa restrictions, including visa-free travel. The US has recently refused to allow citizens of some of the newest EU member countries visa-free travel to the US. The response from the EU has been a “show of hands” to deny US...
The Applicants of Green Card Consider Trump's H-1B Executive Order as a Positive Step
For thousands of Indian citizens who have applied for the Green Card for the USA and are waiting since years for the acceptance and approval of their application consider the latest move of the US President, Donald Trump as a boon. Trump has announced to have a merit-based selection program....
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