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Danish PM Turned down DF Referendum on EU Membership
Britain’s exit from the European Union has led to Danish People’s Party or DF calling for a referendum on Friday. This right-wing party called for a vote on Denmark continuing its membership in the EU."I believe that the Danes obviously should have a referendum on whether we want to follow...
Denmark Revamps Greencard Points Calculator
Denmark has announced a major reform, which overhauls the criteria of Greencard point calculator and introduces establishment card for students. Now, applicants will be able to score points based on three factors such as educational level, language skills and adaptability. The criteria under which points will be allotted have also...
Denmark announces new plans for international recruitment to boost enterprises
The Danish Government and Liberal Party, Danish People’s Party, Socialist People’s Party, Liberal Alliance, Liberal Alliance and the Conservative Party have worked out an agreement related to changes on international recruitment facilitating Denmark enterprises to easily access highly qualified skilled labor from non-EU/EEA countries.According to the...
Denmark plans to attract highly qualified and talented foreigners
Denmark unveils new measures to attract highly qualified foreigners to the country and let overseas students stay in the country after completing their graduation.As a part of these measures, ‘DREAM’ also known as ‘Danish Rational Economic Agents Model’ has been commissioned by the Ministry of Higher Education and...
Better jobs in Denmark private sector as a result of Immigration
According to the study of University of Copenhagen, it has been concluded that as a result of immigration there was no need to fear the decreases of salary or unemployment in any scenario. This has been the situation since the 1990s, and this seems to have...
Denmark Positive List for Working or Settling
All those people who have been offered a job opportunity in Denmark should surely be there as it is one of the best places to live and work in across the world. Especially, if the professionals required for that job are less in number then your opportunity to settle in there...
An overview of the question of getting tourist visa in Denmark
What does the mention of the word Denmark brings to your mind? Do you think about the beautiful and elegant mermaid that sits of the harbor of Copenhagen? Or do you think that it is the home of the famous writer of...
Drop in the number of asylum seekers in Denmark
In a recent survey in the country of Denmark it was seen that the number of asylum seekers has radically dropped. The asylum seekers used to stay in the various centers and in accordance with a report of the Politiken newspaper it was seen that now...
Family reunification permit has been a boost in Denmark
In accordance with a recent report from the Immigration Services it has been revealed that the family reunification permit has suddenly seen a boost. The permits that are handed up have seen about an enhancement of 50 percent. This report was published by the UdlÊndingestyrelsen department...
Human rights is at the top of their agenda: Denmark
In Denmark there is an unemployment benefit, also known as the dagpenge. The government have recently revealed that an agreement regarding this benefit will assist foreigners who are in Denmark. Those who have been granted family reunification and or asylum. These changes...
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