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The UK in 2050 is mass migration continues

December 2013, 17
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The United Kingdom's Population Reference Bureau has predicted that come the year 2050 the population in the country will be around 80 million people, this comes as a worrying thought to many and has raised a lot of debates in the houses of parliament, and on the streets of Britain about mass immigration. 

The images one congers up of our country in the year 2050 is a chilling prospect, the services which keep UK citizens afloat such as the NHS, emergency services and education system will be put under intolerable pressure. Already in our current year resources are stretched beyond means, we have the corridors of many hospitals lined with beds holding sick people awaiting treatment, we have people waiting over half an hour for an ambulance to attend a life threatening situation, we have fires blaring out of control due to lack of fire engines and this is while the population is around 60 million people, adding another 20 million over the next 38 years is sure to make the country crumble.

Much of the green and pleasant lands which are iconic to the UK have already disappeared to create mass housing estates to cope with the amount of citizens and migrants the country caters for. We are no longer a country known to the world for beautiful pastures and all things noble, we are known as a multicultural society and a land made up of migrants.

Migrants who enter the UK under a visa such as a Skilled Workers Visa or Investor Visa, for example, can bring along any dependants with them who will be fully entitled to make use of the UK’s services such as schooling, health care and child benefits. For a Migrant individual entering on a single visa they can bring an unlimited number of dependants with them if they are a spouse or child, there is no cap. The average family is made up of four people in the UK, around the world this differs but for many popular destinations of migrants such as Pakistan and India the average family is much larger and mass migration of migrants and their dependants over the years is going to prove to be a huge drain on the already stretched resources that the UK has to offer.

The prisons in 2012 hold around 100,000 inmates and already have many convicts released early due to overcrowding, by the year 2050 we will have no more land to build more prisons, yet people will still commit crimes, people will need incarceration to ensure the British Public are safe on the streets but if there’s no room at the inn, where will these dangerous people go? Who will be released into society in the year 2050 when they wouldn’t have stood a chance of early release in todays society? 

Changes will have to be made and these will greatly affect those who live in the UK. Predictions are that taxes could double, the NHS could be abolished, public transport will become unaffordable, at least eight lanes on our roads will be the norm, congestion will be immense and fuel charges for airline travel to holiday destinations will be something the average person will not be able to pay for - life will certainly be very different if the United Kingdom's Population Reference Bureau predictions are right.

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