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Proposal to lift Visa Controls for Romanians & Bulgarians

December 2013, 03
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Official figures have hit UK headlines on immigration news this week, starting December 1st 2012 to reveal that 500,000 migrants have entered the United Kingdom in the past year, this is an astronomical rate of over 1,300 per day!

Recent figures reveal that the number of National Insurance numbers that have been received by migrant Italians has risen by over 50% to nearly 40,000, that 50,000 Spanish migrants have registered for work - an increase of more than 40% and that nearly 30,000 Portuguese migrants have also registered for work making those figures up by 45%. 

Within six months of obtaining the right to work data reveals that over 35,000 immigrants have claimed benefits in the United Kingdom under the categories of Income Support, Housing Benefit, Child Benefit and Disability Living Allowances.
Recent debates about lifting visa controls for migrants from Romania and Bulgaria which is set to happen from January 2014 have counter argued that this will push the United Kingdom's public services to near collapse and people are calling for the visa controls to not be lifted with a petition holding more than 150,000 signatures.
Migrants are flocking to the United Kingdom at a consecutively phenomenal rate to escape their own countries for fears of persecution, for religious freedom, to escape war zones or controlling leaders and overall to live a better quality of life. The citizens of the United Kingdom, while understand the situations that the migrants face worry for their country. Being only an island, when will it come to a point that too much is too much?
The United Kingdom is fairly unique in that migrants can come here with no skills, special talents or to fill any job positions, they can bring their families and they can be supported by United Kingdom tax paying citizens. Most other countries that are such popular migration destinations have strict visa control methods in place and their aim is to only accept those migrants who are seen to benefit their specific countries economy by contributing in working form.
Once the new rules are in place, in January, to lift visa controls for Romanians and Bulgarians especially this will only increase the number of immigrants into the United Kingdom and there will be a place here for those in need. The United Kingdom may seem like a soft choice but this is a humane world and there are means to improve your quality of life here with many job opportunities and low cost housing as well as a benefit’s system put in place to ensure nobody in this country will suffer poverty.

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