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Migrate debate rife as ever in UK

December 2013, 31
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There are many concerns about immigration in the United Kingdom, where some believe the concerns are genuine and valid others believe they are not. Differing views on the matter will always be apparent as long as migrants enter the borders of the country. Some believe there are too many migrants in the country, that they take the few jobs that are available, that they "sponge of the state" claiming benefits that the British tax payer works to fund. That the country is in an economic crisis due to the influx of migrants say some. The propaganda in the countries media states as fact that the country is worse off because the government allows so many migrants into Britain and are not tougher on migrants who enter illegally. On the other hand people believe that the country has been built on migrants entering the country, that migrants create jobs rather than take jobs, that they offer cultural diversity as well as religious diversity. They believe the economy grows more with the migrants entering the UK, that migrants is nothing but a good experience overall for the UK. 

Which ever view an individual takes about immigration in the UK, thaw same can also be said for certain people who were born and bred in the UK. Such as never working a day in their lives and so living off benefits, including housing benefit, council tax benefit and being paid via the benefit system. Scaremongering sells papers and so if it will sell it will be printed. It is important to understand that not every migrant who enters the UK do so illegally, not working and just living it up on benefit that the British tax payer subsidises. On the same hand not everyone born and bred in the UK living in council properties do not work and live off handouts from the state. Certain tabloids will always try to persuade that this is fact, this is how people live. Reports show this is not the case, many migrants pay more tax overall than they take in public services. And so migrants do make a positive impact in the economy of the united kingdom. There are anti immigration lobby’s that will always paint migrants in a bad light, same as pro immigration will say no bad will ever and can ever come from allowing so many migrants in to Britain. It is more the case that both pro immigration and anti immigration are right and wrong equally.

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