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Migrant communities in UK

December 2013, 23
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migrant communities in uk

The United Kingdom has the largest percentage of Migrant Communities than most other countries, it has been revealed. Most large cities and towns in the UK such as the capital London, Manchester, Bradford, Newcastle and Birmingham all are settings for these migrant communities it is something with the United Citizen of this generation are extremely used to but this is the first generation to feel this, generations previous to this were used to a more all white, all brit society but that is now something which will never again be in the UK. Due to the masses of migrants over the decades many foreign born people have settled well and integrated into society, raising families, owning businesses and expanding communities to be much more multicultural than ever before.

There's many intimate places in the UK strictly made up of migrants, such as ‘Little Brazil’ and ‘China Town’ as well as many parts of the inner cities, suburbs and housing estates having large percentages of foreign born people and their descendants. There are places throughout the UK where you will find the residents there all being of ethnic origin and this is not only accepted but welcomed to make the UK one of the more advanced multi cultural countries the world has. Migrants in the UK have done so much good for our economy but that aside they have bought cultures and activities to our lands which would not have been here without them. Our generation and our children are the first to integrate to such a large scale in our schools, workplaces and on our streets with migrants, though migrants have come here for generations they have never been in such large numbers and never had British born dependants who are every bit as British as the blonde haired blue eyes anglo saxon we did always represent.

The UK is not alone, with the US being very similar with large percentages of migrants and migrant only communities. Many other popular migration destinations such as Australia and Canada prolifically are said to be following suit. The immigration process into the UK is one of the more straight forward ones with limited restrictions and open door policies for migrants from certain countries such as Poland, and soon to be Romania and Bulgaria. When migrants enter the UK legally they are fully protected by our laws as well as being eligible to work, live and claim benefits as smoothly as a British born person. The UK offers religious freedom, ability to better one's life, career and study opportunities in abundance and is always going to be a prefered migration destination for many.

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