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Few Facts Regarding giving Bio-Metrics for Canadian Immigration applications

May 2018, 19
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Giving fingerprints and photo bio-metrics applies for everyone who needs a visitor visa, a work or study permit, excluding U.S. nationals, permanent residence, or status of refugee or asylum
Depending on nationality, one needs to give bio-metrics starting July 31, 2018. This date is applicable to all applicants belonging to Africa, Europe, and Middle East. Starting December 31, 2018 all applicants from Asia Pacific, Asia, and the Americas also need it.

 The exemptions:

The exemptions are:
• Applicants who are Canadian citizens, including passport applicants or existing permanent residents,
• Nationals arriving in Canada as tourists from Visa-exemption countries who hold a valid Electronic Travel Authorization Children below the age of 14years,
• All Applicants above the age of 79 years,
• Heads of state and heads of government,
• Cabinet ministers and accredited diplomats of nations and the U.N.O. arriving in Canada to conduct official business
• Visa holders from USA transiting through Canada
• Refugee claimants or protected persons who have provided bio-metrics previously and apply for a study/work permit
• Temporary resident applicants who have provided bio-metrics previously to support of a PR application that is pending approval,
• Temporary exemption: Applying in Canada
• Applicants for a study or work permit visa, or permanent residence in Canada are exempt till the time an in-Canada service is started.

Period to give fingerprints and photograph Visitor visa, study and work permit applicants

The applicants must bio-metrics once in every 10 years.
Bio-metrics in the past for a valid visitor visa, or a study or work permit, is valid from the date of giving for a period of 10 years. They have to give the bio-metrics again after the expiry of 10-year period.

Permanent residence applicants

You will need to give your bio-metrics and pay the fee, regardless of whether you gave your bio-metrics in the past to support a visitor visa, study or work permit application, or a different permanent resident application.
Its costs
• Individual applicants: CAD$85
• Families which apply together simultaneously: total fee of CAD$170
• Groups of 3 or more performing artists and their staff who apply together simultaneously for work permits: total fee of CAD$255

Top Reasons for collecting bio-metrics by the Government: 

Across the world Bio-metrics collection is regarded as a dependable and accurate tool to establish identity. Many countries are using bio-metrics in their immigration programs.
Through this Bio-metrics the Government will be in a position to manage identity, and facilitate processing of application smoothly. It will also simplify entry for travelers who have a lawful identity. Furthermore, it will assist in deterring, detecting and stopping the entry of such persons who are a great risk to the safety, health, and security of the countrymen.

Methods through which the Government will collect bio metrics:

• Bio-metrics will provide relevant and additional information to the immigration officers. This will help in making a right decision regarding the admissibility of a person. Additionally it will simplify the travel of individuals with low-risk.
• These fingerprints will be stored by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the National Repository. They will also check against the immigration and criminal record. The bio-metric check is a sure way to confirm whether some person has applied to enter the country earlier using the same/different identity, or has a previous criminal record. It will prove the fact if he/she has been removed from Canada earlier.
• Sharing the information of Bio-metrics with other nations like USA, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand will support the integrity of immigration system of Canada. It will also respect civil liberties, privacy laws, and human rights commitments. There will also be a focus on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
• At the Canadian border, the Border Services Agency can confirm quickly and accurately if the identity of a traveler is legitimate. This will help in the efficiency and timely entry of travelers.
• Fingerprint verification will be conducted automatically at 8 major Canadian airports. This will primarily happen at the primary inspection kiosk.
• At other land ports and airports of entry, fingerprint verification will be conducted in a discretionary manner by the officials of the Border Services. When the referral is for the secondary inspection, the identity of the traveler will be verified to make sure that the person entering Canada is the same who was approved in a foreign land.
• The person has to give fingerprints and photograph each time he /she applies because the visa officers ask for bio-metrics so that they can ensure no one else is using the identity to submit an application.
• In case a person is approved for a multiple entry visa he/she will only have to give bio-metrics for one time. There is no need of it again except when they apply for a study/work permit in the time when the visa is valid.
• The process if there is no visa application center in a country/territory of applying
• In case of non availability of bio-metric service at the place of living the person must approach a place that is nearest to him/her. Presently there are 137 Visa Assistance Centers in 95 countries in the world to give bio-metrics.

• Is getting a visa longer because of giving bio-metrics?

• The time that is allotted for collecting and screening bio-metrics is not included in the time for application processing. The applicants must give bio-metrics as soon as possible after they get the Bio-metric Instruction Letter. By quickly providing them IRCC can start the processing the application.

• In case of giving the photo for bio-metrics, is it necessary to submit a paper photograph with the application?

• Not necessary. The digital photograph is sufficient when a person gives bio-metrics.
• When a person is wearing a scarf/head cover for religious reasons at the time of giving the photograph for bio-metrics it is good to wear a head cover, but the entire face must be visible clearly. An operator of the same gender can take the photo in a privacy curtain.
• The fingerprints and photographs after collecting the bio-metrics get the encryption and are desptached electronically to a secure database of the Government of Canada.
• The duration of keeping the fingerprints for bio-metrics is 15 years from the time a person gives them. After that, they get a deletion forever in the Government database. There will be an exception in case the person is not admissible in Canada owing to engaging in criminal activity.
• The fingerprints get a deletion forever in case  a person gets Canadian citizenship in the period of 15 years.
• In case the Canadian visa has not expired at the time of starting to take bio-metrics from citizens of a country the valid visitor visa holders, not need give bio-metrics until the time they apply next.
• It is necessary to give my bio-metrics while visiting Canada if a person in the United States and already gives bio-metric information at the time of entering the USA, if the person belongs to the countries/territories. This is important to confirm the identity.
• If a person is already in Canada, there is no need to give bio-metrics if they apply for a visa, study or work permit in Canada.

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