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Why Denmark is more popular for immigrants than ever


Denmark was not a common place for migrants to want to travel to and settle, the population was mainly born and bred Dutch, one or two may have been immigrants but on the whole immigration into Denmark was not seen. This is not to say it did not take place at all, history can show us otherwise. Although not a traditional country to migrate to it did become a popular destination and it still is today, this is due to the early migrants that did travel to Denmark and settle there on a permanent basis. 

Denmark has seen a continuous flow of migrants enter the country over the past six centuries, this shows that although migration was not in vast numbers it was a steady flow that has been continuing for hundreds of years. Immigration is not a new thing. A lot of Jewish people travelled and setted in Denmark from the seventeenth century, they came from many different European counties by invitation from the then king of Denmark. The king saw that Jews would benefit his country and so invited them, this is much like today immigration program. Migrants benefit the country the travel to with the cultural differences they have as well as religious difference and many more. A lot of German citizens migrated to Denmark and began too shape the country with the skills and benefit they brought with them. 

Up until world war one a lot more migrants began to enter Denmark, boosting their economy as well as other attributes they brought with them. Many were unskilled workers from Poland, Sweden and Germany, although unskilled they were invited to migrate to Denmark by the Danish government for religious reasons, the government again saw potential and that Denmark could prosper. There are no actual records to prove how many migrants actually entered Denmark or where they arrived from but there is prove that they came in their thousands from all over the world and that migration grew in popularity as did Denmark. 

Both world wars saw many refugees settle in Denmark, war ravages counties and great loss is always apparent, Denmark became a country that many saw as a safe haven and a place to start again after such a terrible time in history but one that shaped the world and made it what it is today. Immigration is accepted and in fact encouraged. History is proof that migration is a good thing.

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