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Danish Visas - what you need to know

Danish Visas

Denmark have a very strict visa process to gain entry into the country. once a visa is obtained, a person can enter and stay in Denmark for a permitted length of time, if a extension of the visa is required provided a request is put in within the allocated time from one running out and a new one being needed an extension will be granted. If any claim is made under fraudulent ways, the immigration system will act, they will not take immigration fraud lightly. Rules and laws are put into place and should be respected and followed.

The immigration service of Denmark have the right to revoke any visa of any individual if they believe that immigration fraud has been committed, this could be if a visa was obtained by putting false or misleading information on an application form or false passports and or documents have been used. It does not matter if an individual holds a permanent residence permit or a temporary visa, if fraud has been committed then the visa will be revoked. 

There are a lot of people who are currently in Denmark under false papers and therefore they are guilty of immigration fraud. With such an influx of migrants in Denmark it is difficult to spot an immigrant who is the country illegally. They will be living and working illegally and once discovered will face deportation. people are entering Denmark on false papers and using false identities. This is now a common problem, which both the Danish government and citizens are not happy about. 

If a company is employing an immigrant and suspects that they are in actual fact in the country living and working illegally,  they must by law report them to the Danish police. The papers they used to gain entry and employment will be fake if they are in fact an illegal migrant. They will be investigated by the immigration services. Today Illegal immigration is on the rise as many can not gain entry via the legal system which is the Danish green card. It is possible to get a packet filled with false papers from the internet now, which can include passports and driving licenses, it all depends on how much an individual who will commit immigration fraud is willing to spend to gain entry illegally. There are also cheaper packets available. Criminals will always have a market somewhere, at the minute with immigration so high especially in Denmark these criminals are making a fortune and Denmark are ultimately suffering the consequences of criminal activity. 

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