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Australia Immigration Updates

February 19th, 2018:

457 visa changes likely to create a Guest Worker System in Australia

The proposed 457 visa reforms by the government are likely to create a Guest Worker System in Australia. These will close the pathway to permanent residency for nearly 15,000 migrants, blocking many occupations which represent a majority of workers in Australia.
Several occupations will now be required to pursue PR through regional or investment, visas, or use family visas.
From March 2018, applicants must be listed on the new, abbreviated list of occupations for qualifying in the Employer Nomination Scheme and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme permanent visas.
The likely result is a huge impact on the migrants in Australia.
There will be a role of temporary workers and a focus on the people that have been locally trained. Traditionally the migration system of Australia ends with citizenship, and integration into the economy, on a long-term level. Now the focus will be on skills possessed by a person.

February 1st, 2018:

A few Changes in the Australian Visas in 2018.

In March the 457 visa will be replaced by the Temporary Skill Shortage visa. There are provisions which are strict and require better proficiency in English.
For the Partner visa there will be a two-step process and the sponsor needs to be approved before the partner files an application.
For the Temporary parent sponsored visa the government guidelines are yet to be received, as a bill on the issue has not been approved by the Senate. They can stay for 10 years, but cannot reapply and do not have a pathway to permanent residency.
There will be amendments to the citizenship bill, which toughen the conditions for obtaining citizenship.
There will be more visa cancellations/deportations for criminals who are convicted of serious offenses.

January 9th, 2018:

International students required to show more funds from February 2018

From February 2018, the applicants for student visa of Australia are required to show more funds availability as proof that they have sufficient means to undertake studies in Australia. This is a requirement by Australia to meet the expenses regarding course fees, travelling and living costs for both, the student and the family members accompanying in Australia. The Department of Home Affairs has stated that the annual cost of living will increase by 2.3% on 1 February 2018, based on Consumer Price Index. Every applicant must have required funds based on the updated cost.
Main Student: $20,290 Partner/Spouse: $7,100 and Children: $3,040
There must be an evidence of financial capacity, either from self, spouse or parents to support them, and that they have an income to meet these requirements.

January 4th, 2018:

Australian visas: Expectations in 2018

A significant change expected in 2018 is that the 457 visa will be replaced with Temporary Skill Shortage visa after March 2018. It contains a provision of Short-Term stream allowing staying up to two years, and a Medium-Term stream, allowing staying up to four years.
There will be rigid regulations for both streams covering Work Experience Requirements, English Language Requirements, Labour Market Testing, Character tests, and Training Requirements also.
Many Changes will be made to the Occupation lists in 2018. There is a likelihood of including Airline Pilots in 2018 to overcome the shortage of pilots in Australia and allowing overseas pilots to arrive and work on a two-year visa.
A reduction in the number of visas from 99 to 10 is also planned.
Importance will be given to ensure transparency in decision making and reducing the processing times. There will be a simplification of the system.

Parent visa

The new Parent visa will allow parents of migrants’ to stay in the country for an extended period. The target is allowing 15,000 people per year.

Partner Visa

When the Bill of the Migration Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) is enacted, it will ensure sponsoring ship partners. Legal obligations and strict criteria would be imposed on approved sponsors.

January 3rd, 2018:

List of State Nominated Occupations valid as of 03/01/2018

The present list is accessible by all applicants, including international graduates of South Australia. The applicants must review the requirements of skilled nomination before applying.
In case of international graduates of South Australia, the following page should also be reviewed: International graduate occupation and waiver requirements
The Supplementary Skilled List contains additional occupations. These occupations are available, in case the applicants meet the additional requirements contained.
When the applicants get State nomination, it does not guarantee employment in South Australia, and they need to compete in the local job market. They must conduct a thorough research, regarding the employment opportunities. They are also responsible for determining, if the occupation requires additional training, or requires any registration, licensing, and residency, before commencing work in South Australia.

December 21st, 2017:

DIBP Update: Incorporation of Department of Home Affairs

The Department of Home Affairs has included the full collection of functions which were undertaken by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in the past and will also perform the following functions also:
  • National security, law enforcement policy
  • Emergency management, crisis management, disaster recovery
  • Measures to respond to terrorism policy and coordination
  • Creating policy for Cybersecurity and coordination
  • defying foreign interference
  • protection of Critical infrastructure
  • Multi-cultural affairs
  • Combating violent extremism programs
  • Transport Security
The entire services associated with visa and citizenship will now be a part of the newly structured Department of Home Affairs, which replaces the previous Department of Immigration and Border Protection.
This update is related to all the applicants who apply for the visa.

December 19th, 2017:

New Zealand Residence Programme – Investor (Investor 2 category) Tuesday, 19 November 2017

11 EOIs were selected from the EOI pool in the Migrant Investment Category, Investor (Investor 2 category), on 14th December 2017 as the last draw for 2017.The next draw will be held on 11th January 2018. In EOIs 25 applications securing top points will be selected in that draw and draws will be held at fortnightly intervals subsequently.
All the applications for New Zealand SMC visa should reach through licensed agents for New Zealand Immigration.

December 19th, 2017:

Architects Accreditation Council of Australia Office Closure

AACA office will remain closed from 20th December 2017 till Tuesday, 2nd January 2018.

December 18th, 2017:

South Australia Sponsorship Update

South Australia has modified the status of these occupations: Current Status: 141111- Cafe/Restaurant Manager- a set of Special Conditions will be Applied and the candidate must be Competent and Proficient in English, only Provisional 489 visa will apply-VETASSESS
263213- ICT Systems Test Engineer witnesses Low Availability- needs to be Proficient in English – for Offshore applicants Provisional 489 visa applicable; -70 points mandatory
Applying for state sponsorship in South Australia for jobs where special conditions apply will not take place except when patron meets the special conditions. They can apply in the high-points category with a score of 80 Points provided the job is available in the Supplementary List. A few occupations need 85 points. The occupations of Available and Low Availability category can close at any time.
This update applies to all the applications seeking South Australia state sponsorship in 190 & 489 sub-class.

December 15th, 2017:

IPA Skills Assessment Christmas Update:

IPA has made an announcement of the closure of offices from December 22nd, 2017 till the 8th January 2018. Applications will not be processed in this period.

December 15th, 2017:

DIBP Update: Occupation Ceilings

DIBP has released an update regarding the occupation ceilings for the present. The occupational group ceilings listed below are likely to reach, at a fast pace, compared to other occupations:
  • 2211 Accountants– 2155 out of 4785 already invited
  • 2212 Auditors, Secretaries and Treasurers 594 out of 1327 – already invited
  • 2331 Chemical & Materials Engineers 139 out of 1000 –already invited
  • 2332 Civil Engineering Professionals 321 out of 3296 –already invited
  • 2333 Electrical Engineers -1042 – 161 already invited
  • 2334 Electronics Engineers out of 1000 – 409 already invited
  • 2335 Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers 892 out of 2178 – already invited
  • 2339 Other Engineering Professionals 429 out of 1000 already invited
  • 2611 ICT Business and Systems Analysts 702 out of 1574 -already invited
  • 2613 Software and Applications Programmers 2624 out of 6202 - already invited
  • 2621 Database and Systems Administrators and ICT Security Specialists 163 out of 2391 –already invited
  • 2631 Computer Network Professionals 544 out of 1318 – already invited
  • 2633 Telecommunications Engineering Professionals 291 out of 1000 – already invited
This update applies to the applicants seeking 189 & 489 relative sponsored visa

November 2017, 20

Australia: Changes made to permanent employer-sponsored skilled visa programs

The following changes were made to the Schemes of Employer Nomination and Regional Sponsored Migration. These will remain effective until the 1st of March 2018 and onwards:
Occupation Lists will have only the jobs on the Medium and Long-Term Skills List and they will be available on the Direct Entry stream for both ENS and RSMS. Residence Requirement: the eligibility period for transition from Temporary to Permanent Residence has been extended from two years to three years in the future. The Age requirement has been changed and the applicant, while applying, must be aged below 45 years, instead of 50 years, unless there are some transitional arrangements
Training Requirement is in place: the employers, who nominate a worker for an ENS/RSMS visa, must contribute to the Skilling Australians Fund in full when the worker is nominated. It replaces the present obligatory requirements for training. It is AUD 3000 for small businesses that have an annual turnover of below AUD 10 million, and AUD 5000 for other categories.
Work Experience requirement stands at three years relevant to the occupation concerned, Paying Minimum market salary rate: now the employers must pay the market salary rate and also meet the Income Threshold meant for Temporary Skilled Migration at AUD 53,900 which was set in April 2016.

November 2017, 04

Processing of Australian citizenship application starts again-November 2017, 04

Immigration department in Australia has begun processing of citizenship applications to clear a backlog of processing applications which were submitted after 20th April 2017. These will be assessed considering the prevalent not so tough eligibility criteria.
The Australian Senate had blocked to the revamping of the citizenship eligibility criteria and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has taken the required steps to resume Working through the backlog of applications which is a time-consuming process, needing very long time. On 18th October 2017, the Australian Government proposed some amendments and removed the retrospective nature of the legislation as well as the tough English tests.

October 2017, 13

Australia will Change Training Norms in English for International Students Next Year

Simon Birmingham, Education Minister has said that A new norm will be introduced and all International students will be tested for their proficiency in English from 2018. Intensive Courses for the English Language will be held for Overseas Students and they will be assessed in the direct entry to a tertiary course. Presently, the students can get ahead in the course, without submitting a proof, and commence their university studies. More than 60,000 Students, who studied the English-language courses in the country in 2016, proceeded to study further and pursued higher education and vocational courses.

October 2017, 03

Australian Immigration planning to introduce a Robo-Cop for granting visas

The Australian Immigration visa processing system will soon be overhauled, when a computer system, will automatically determine regarding giving permission to foreign nationals, to visit/live in the country.
Visa applicants can use a secure website/phone app, in which they can upload all the information and biometric details needed. The fingerprints/iris scans will be considered, on a Global Digital Platform, which will serve as a replacement of the paper-based system, used by the Immigration authorities at present. The reason for its introduction is to help border protection authorities, to cope with the large number of tourists, who visit Australia, and also to meet the demands of temporary/permanent migrants, desiring to live in the country.

July 2017, 14

Tasmania Introduces Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa

Australian state Tasmania has introduced Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 489) for offshore applicants. From 1 July 2017, Tasmania has started issuing nominations under this category. Tasmania's Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa, gives the option, to the applicant, to become a PR of Australia. The visa is issued for 4 years and allows the visa holders to live/work in the territory. After a stay of at least 2 years and full-time work (35 hours per week) for at least year; permanent residence can be applied.

July 2017, 08

Australia to Increase age Limit for Working Holiday Visas

Recent changes have been introduced by Australia in July 2017, and it is expected that the country might also make some modifications to the Working Holiday Visa category. The age limit for applying to get Working Holiday Visa might be increased from 30 to 35 years. But this is only an expected change; (the official information from Australian government is still pending). This visa is issued to people who wish to holiday and work in Australia for up to one year. But this is only applicable for nationals of the countries with which Australia has a tie up and also wants to increase its cultural ties.

June 2017, 30

Revised Visa fee for Australia to Come into effect from 1 July 2017

The government of Australia has announced an increase in visa fee which will come into effect from 1st July 2017. This has led to the increase in the diverse categories of Investors, Visitors, Medical relief, training, graduate and post-graduate, distinguished talents, business and many other categories. Please refer the individual details in the detailed chart

April 2017, 22

Australia Withdraws 457 Visa Programme

Australia has made changes to its immigration policy. The popular destination for skilled foreign workers has cancelled its 457 visa programme which is often utilised by Indian workers.
The change announced by Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull addresses unemployment in Australia, and concerns that the 457 programme, has been misused and has enabled foreign workers to take lower-skilled jobs, which could be available to Australians. The Australian worker is a priority for jobs in the country. The scheme will be replaced by a new permit targeting the best and the brightest immigrants in the countries interest as part of an Australia first policy.

April 2017, 07

Changes for South Australia's Immigration Program

South Australia has made changes to its points-based system for immigration, and also to some of the occupations accepted for the high points and chain migration schemes, affecting candidates seeking access to both the immigration schemes. The changes come after the quota of nominations for South Australia was reached, leading to the tightening of the current criteria for immigration. The changes will not affect applications already in progress but, the points requirement, increased from 80 to 85will begin from April 19, 2017.

March 2017, 11

Australian Government Ban 457 Visas for Fast Food Operators

The government of Australia has announced that it will cease issuing 457 visas for the fast food industry. There has been huge political debate surrounding immigration over the past few years and the Australian government is under pressure to tighten visa regulations in the country. This announcement is part of this larger drive towards tighter immigration controls. Government sources have reported that over 500 foreign workers have been granted 457 visas to work in the fast food industry over the past five years.

December 2016, 14

Australia Open gates for Pacific Islanders

Australia’s proposal to open gates for Pacific Islanders would work better than providing aid to them. Investment on the Pacific Island by the Australian Government was of practically no help to the economy of the Island. Think-Tank, an international policy initiative which has an intake of 1 percent of its population (3000 people) will benefit in a big way, compared to the current aid program which allows these people to earn well than earlier and raise their standard of living. The Islanders are at disadvantage owing to rapid growth in the population, weak governance and non-following the conventional ways for economic growth, even after receiving the aid. Bringing them to Australia will not only improve the Australian labour market but also increase the quality and the income of Pacific Islander. This Proposal sees migrants paying their way in, and face restrictions on the welfare available to them. The capped migrant who will get residency and uncapped migrant can work and live in Australia without restrictions. In this way, 20 percent of the population of Pacific Island is expected to relocate by the end of 2040.

December 2016, 07

Victoria is Looking up at Immigration to Fill the gap for Selected Occupations

Unable to source enough staff from the local market, Victoria State is planning to attract highly skilled graduates in selected occupations. They have updated the in-demand list, with selected occupations after researching for the state’s labour market needs for State Nomination. International graduates who live and work in Victoria, are being placed in employment in the nominated occupations as Victoria’s skill requirement is highly productive. Victoria has the NOC list which lists the following criteria for the applicant to get state nomination.

  1. They should be able to work in Victoria and the occupation must figure in the Demand list.
  2. They must meet the minimum nomination requirement.
  3. They should be able to transfer the knowledge, skills and experience to Victoria’s Labour market.

November 2016, 15

Australia Temporary Parents Visa for Long Stay

Australian Government proposes to introduce a new temporary Parent visa. This was decided after the response was received from the Productivity Commission’s report on Immigrants Life Time Cost in terms of health and community services. Australian child needs to sponsor the parents and possess a good character for this. Sponsoring should provide information on their life in Australia, their contribution to the country, proof of tax paid, and their capability to support the parents. Priority is given as per the period of sponsor’s stay in Australia, and their contribution to the economy. Duration of the visa is 5 years but it can be given for 1 or 3 years also. This will be based on Health and age of the client, the financial situation of the sponsor, immigration history and need of the sponsor depending on the growing children. Applicants must submit health reports and also give an assurance/bond that the potential health cost will be borne by them. Insurance is required from an Australian Health Insurance Company for the period of stay.

September 2016, 29

New Australian 457 Visa Rules Announced

The new, Australian 457 visa rules scheduled to take effect from January 2017 are expected to impact the immigrants residing in the southern part of Australia with their children. Immigrants with 457 visas will be affected majorly, because of the introduction of tuition fee for elementary education. The 457 visa has a validity of four years. The annual tuition fee payable by 457 visa holders, 2017 onwards will be Australian Dollar 5100/- for every primary school student and Australian Dollar 6100/- for every high school child. The parents/guardians can choose to make the payment in one instalment or multiple; per semester or per term. The amount of the contribution will depend on the earnings of the 457 visa holders.

September 2016, 23

Australia Introduces Temporary Visa for Parents of Immigrants

Alex Hawke, Assistant Immigration Minister of Australia, said that reuniting generations of families gives great societal benefits and announced that his government will hold consultations with the community to inform them about a continuous 5-year visa meant for the elderly parents of the immigrants. Presently parents of the citizens or permanent residents can apply for a visa under two streams; 'Non-contributor' visa which usually takes a processing time of 18-30 years and costs approximately Australian dollar 7000, ‘Contributor' visa which has nearly 2 years processing time, and its fee is around Australian dollar 50000.

September 2016, 12

Australia Immigration Changes to Benefit International Students

International students possessing Australian degrees can now take advantage of the newly introduced changes to the skilled migration program of Australia. Australia will give five additional points to the international students in the skilled migration program with effect from September 10th. These will be awarded to the students with masters, doctorate-level in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and also to the students of Information, Communication and Technology fields. These changes are a part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda to attract the best and the brightest skilled professionals to Australia.

September 2016, 02

ACT Occupation list effective from 1st September for Australia

An updated Occupation List of Australian Capital Territory’s is now effective and contains 81 skilled occupations. The candidates possessing professional work experience can apply for this visa. Skilled professionals can apply for ACT nomination visa subclass 190 if the occupation opted by them, is mentioned as ‘open’ in the ACT Occupation List, and when they meet the respective nomination criteria.

The comprehensive ACT list contains the below-mentioned professionals: Corporate Service Managers, Construction Project Managers, Project Builders, Copywriters, Editors, Journalists, Writers, HR Advisers, Consultants, PR Professionals, Architects and Civil Engineers Designers, Quantity Surveyors, Teachers, Medical professionals, Nurse Practitioners, Drug and Alcohol Counsellors Psychologists, Workers and Mechanics of many varieties.

July 2016, 30

Australian Employers Looking for Overseas Workers

Australia faces a massive shortage of workforce; mainly with requirements for doctors, software professionals and tradesman. The cost of hiring a skilled worker is high. The lack of skills in Australia is not confined to any industry; shortages include highly skilled individuals as well as trades that comprise carpenters, electricians, plumbers and bricklayers. Australia Immigration has the responsibility to supply the required workforce through streamlined immigration procedures. The booming housing industry is experiencing the shortage of labour. Employers are looking to recruit foreign nationals because of the decreased builders and skilled workers.

July 2016, 08

Australia new International Student Visa Program

Australia Immigration introduced a simplified visa program for international students. A new Simplified Student Visa Framework has been introduced to reduce eight student visa programs to make way for simple two student visa categories namely single student visa (subclass 500), and a student guardian visa program (subclass 590). Immigration officials said that the new SSVF is part of Australia’s national policy to attract many students. The new system will digitalize the application procedure, encouraging the students to apply online.

July 2016, 04

South Australia Releases State Nominated Occupation List

South Australia has released its comprehensive State Nominated Occupation List which comes into effect on July 4, 2016. International professionals and foreign graduates in Australia can make use of SNOL, to apply for the general skilled migration programs of Australia. The applicant must have work experience that matches with the occupation list. After a detailed analysis of the requirement and shortage of skills, Immigration South Australia released the list of occupations. The study involved consultation with Industries, Training Councils, and Associations. The occupations in the current list is opened for
  • Farmers and Farm Managers
  • Specialist Managers
  • Chief Executives, General Managers & Legislators
  • Business, Human Resource & Marketing Professionals
  • Design, Engineering, Science & Transport Professionals
  • Hospitality, Retail & Service Managers
  • Health, Education, ICT and Legal, Professionals
  • Automotive & Engineering Trades Workers
  • Construction Trades Workers
  • Electro-technology & Telecommunications Trades Workers
  • Food Trades Skilled Animal & Horticultural Workers

June 2016, 27

Updated Benefits and Criteria for Australia Accredited Sponsorship

Since November 2011, Accredited Sponsorship has given special benefits to Australian employers who had longstanding relationships with the DIBP. Some of the benefits were Visa processing Priority for Temporary Work Visa (Subclass 457) and business sponsorship validity up to six years.

For Businesses However, from 1 July on wards, the following amendments were added to the eligibility criteria to determine the status of Accredited Sponsorship.
  • The company should have 10 primary 457 visa sponsorship 24 months before applying for accreditation. The previous requirement was 30 primary 457 visa holders in the preceding 12 months.
  • Written proof of employment contract for all 457 visa holders, which include minimum employment privileges according to the National Employment Standards.
  • Proof that all Australian employees salaries comply with an Enterprise Agreement/company's salary slab, draft based on market rates.
  • Company's business details.
DIBP will review companies with the Accredited Sponsorship status and ensure conformity to the updated criteria.

For Sponsors DIBP is going to expand even the benefits under Accredited Sponsors. The nominated occupation should be listed under ANZSCO Skill Level 1 or 2; along with:
  • Base salary nominated is greater than or equal to the Fair Work High Income Threshold or AUD $75,000.
Companies should ensure that they adhere to these rules.

June 2016, 08

South Australia Will Open More Doors for Candidates Overseas

Immigrants who are planning to relocate to Australia should start looking at South Australia for opportunities as the government plans to create new industries that will open up new job opportunities. The plan is to attract more candidates by introducing 1,200 new scholarships for vocational courses, undergraduate and postgraduate studies under the South Australian Enterprise Scholarship Program. There are 15,000 job vacancies in manufacturing industries. The South Australian government along with Specialist Migrant Services (SMS), is willing to extend all support to skilled workers from various countries who can contribute to the country through their skills, knowledge and experience.

May 2016, 18

Australia has revealed its Latest Skilled Occupations List

The Department of Border Protection and Immigration has revealed the latest List of Skilled Occupation for the year 2016-17. This list would come into force from 1st July this year. It is utilized for Skilled Independent visa subclass 189, Graduate Temporary visa subclass 485 and Skilled Regional Provisional Visa subclass 489 visa applications. The Immigration authorities have also revealed its List of Consolidated Sponsored Occupations that is used for Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190, Employer Nominated Scheme visa subclass 186 and Temporary Work Skilled visa subclass 457.
The Department of Border Protection and Immigration has revealed the latest List of Skilled Occupation for the year 2016-17. This list would come into force from 1st July this year. It is utilized for Skilled Independent visa subclass 189, Graduate Temporary visa subclass 485 and Skilled Regional Provisional Visa subclass 489 visa applications. The Immigration authorities have also revealed its List of Consolidated Sponsored Occupations that is used for Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190, Employer Nominated Scheme visa subclass 186 and Temporary Work Skilled visa subclass 457.
In total around 115 submissions were made by the business and professional firms, employee and industry representatives and based on their submissions, the occupation list has been made that would be in demand and requires professionals in the future. The occupations listed are as follows: Construction project managers, Accountants, Electronic Engineers, Teachers, Veterinarians, General Practitioners, Nurses, Psychiatrists, Software Engineers and Social Workers

May 2016, 09

Australia to Introduce latest Multiple Entry and Fast Track Visas

Recent measures related to passports and visas in Australia have confirmed in the Australian Government’s yearly budget announcement. Three year multiple visas would be started for citizens from Thailand, India, Vietnam and Chile and fast track service would commence for Indian and UAE citizens. These measures aim at boosting investor and visitor numbers.
According to Treasurer Scott Morrison, the plan builds on the year 2015-16 MYEFO steps that include a trial of fast track service, like users pay visa for citizens from China. This would save $180 million in three years from the next FY by enhancing automation in processing of visa, offering self service alternatives and utilizing additional capabilities of sophisticated assessment. It will lead to increased earnings for the immigration department by $740.8 million, taking the sum to $17.4 billion. The cost of the Australian passport has been revised at $274 and processing fee would be $181. This would raise the income by $172.9 million in the next four years.

April 2016, 29

Australia to allow more Indian Employees for Projects

Indian firms investing in major projects in Australia might be permitted to employ Indian employees for building these projects, making a path for other categories. IT and nurses were key beneficiaries of shortage in labour abroad. The government of Australia provided the facility through its Agreement on Economic Cooperation which is presently being negotiated. Many Indian firms like GVK, Adani and JSPL have investments in Australia. And according to the Australian envoy, the facility is meant for providing certainty to the investors. It could be tapped by an enterprise if they can find the number of qualified employees.
Australia has offered to remove duty on entire imports from India. In exchange, it is pitching for cuts in import duty on wine and dairy products. Australia could also provide services like tourism, healthcare and education. This government is willing to provide more openings for Indian IT professionals and nurses.

April 2016, 02

Overseas Investors and Entrepreneurs are high in Demand in Australia

The Australian Government, it has announced a few changes to its Significant Investment Visa, the introduction of latest Entrepreneur Visa and future incentives for investors in start-up firms as a part of the innovation initiatives to help the overseas investors for investing in the technology sector and also to facilitate the business and skilled immigration.
Modifications to Significant Investor Visa
Modifications focus on the overseas investment in emerging enterprises, business enterprise capital and development private equity.
Additional tax incentives for investments in start-ups of Australia
The government has also plans, to implement additional tax incentives for the investors who invest in complying start-up firms.

Latest Entrepreneur Visa

The latest Entrepreneur Visa (temporary visa) will be introduced from November this year. It will provide the latest route to get Australian PR and also establishes a latest stream within the existing program for investment and business innovation. Ideal individuals would be entrepreneurs with development ideas to be implemented in Australia and will be given to investors who have acquired investment. The Australian government is hopeful for boosting the economic development and employment, in the Communications and Information Technology, Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Technology fields.

March 2016, 14

High Demand for Foreign Doctors and Nurses in Australia

Australia has an ageing population which continues to increase by 3.5% every year. This means that the foreign doctors and nurses are likely to remain in demand in Australia. Australia is adjusting its policies on migration for making sure it attracts and retains foreign health professionals. Priority has been given to employing Medical Practitioners, Allied Health Professionals, and nurses. Currently, Australian Immigration Department has allocated around 13,872 positions for the registered nurses, 6,000 for medical specialists, 3,558 for general medical practitioners. Foreign medical professionals who are looking to migrate must be suitably skilled and are required to complete a process of skills assessment by Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council of Australia or Australian Medical Board. They will be tested for ability in English Language, qualification, job experience and enrolment level.

February 2016, 15

Changes Might be done to the Australian 457 Work Visa

Some modifications might be done to the Australian 457 work visa, which is the most favourable to the aspirants of work in this country. It allows the skilled employees to visit Australia and do the job for the business for a four-year period of time. In order To qualify for this visa, the individual should be sponsored by the business.
Businesses are allowed to sponsor the foreign individuals to do the skilled jobs. The individual can submit their application from inside or outside of Australia. The individuals are permitted to bring their qualified family members. These family members could either do a job or pursue education. No restrictions are placed on the individual who holds this visa as they can travel inside and outside of Australia as many times as they can.

16 February 2016, 08

Results were announced for the Australian Skill Select 22nd January

The results were declared for the invitation rounds for the Australia Skill Select conducted on January 8th. The invitations were issued on 22nd Jan 2016.

Visa Subclass
  • Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) – 2400
  • Skilled Regional Provisional visa (subclass 489) - 5

Invitations issued during the year 2015-2016 that is from the month of July 2015 to Jan 2016 for Skilled independent (subclass 189) are 17,400. The total number of invitations issued for Skilled Regional Provisional (subclass 489) is 340.

Invitations procedure and cut-offs
The applicants with the high ranking score are invited to apply for the visa.
Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) Points score -60 Visa date of effect -20th Jan 2016
Skilled Regional Provisional visa (subclass 489) Points score -65 Visa date of effect – 5th October 2015

The visa date of effect and points score for the occupations in 22nd January 2016 around of invitation are listed below.
Accountants Points score -70 Visa date of effect – 19 January 2016
ICT Business and Systems Analysts Points score -65 Visa date of effect – 18 December 2015
Software and Applications Programmers Points score -60 Visa date of effect – 15 September 2015

January 2016, 20

Several States in Australia Want to Extend Working Holiday Visa

Many Australian states seek to expand their scheme for working holiday visa to allow the youth to spend more time in working at a location, or for an employer. In the Previous year, the Northern Territory gained from the latest visa rules, which permitted visa holders in the working holiday category to do the job for an employer. This job counts towards the visa extension. This regulation was set amid the concerns, that many working holiday holders, were not preferring to do the job, in northern parts of the country, that do not have similar locations like Bondi Beach and Sydney. There is a shortage of part-time employees in many industries, like hospitality sector and farming sector, which heavily depend on the part-time employees.
Under the regulations, youths could only do a job for an employer for six months and a visa extension for the second year was given if they had done the job for three months, in the job specified by Australian immigration. Tasmania also wants similar rules for the youth on working holiday visas for motivating them to visit the area and do the jobs for a longer period of time and reside there.

November 2015, 28

Australia Overseas Education Sector Accomplishes All-Time Record

The latest report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics stated that the export from the Australian overseas sector for education services accomplished a record by reaching AUS$18.8 billion.
The overseas education movement got a tremendous raise as half a million was raised through international students wished to live and study in Australia. This figure is 14.5% high from the fiscal year 2013-14 figures which stood at AUS$ 15.9 billion and also up by 6.7% from the year 2014 which was AUS$17.0 billion proving that the overseas education remains a chief export for Australia.
The overseas education sector occupies the third place in main export, behind iron ore, and coal.
The export of educational services for the fiscal year 2014-15 has increased by 15%, illustrating the growth of the overseas education sector. It also sustains 1, 30,000 occupations in the cities across Australia. The government is committed to its growth with each year.

September 2015, 10

South Australia Raises Requirement for High Point Category

The requirements for high point category will be raised by South Australia owing to the high demand for immigration to be implemented from September 22nd, 2015. Applications must now meet the new requirements. The points will be increased from eighty to eighty-five. When the applicant scores 85 points, they will be able to benefit, from some supplementary occupations. There is an overall quota allotted under this high point category, once it is achieved it will be closed for the rest of the program year.
In order to get eligibility for employment under the supplementary skilled list, certain requirements need to be fulfilled before working in the country.

August 2015, 24

Australian Immigration Announces Update for 485 Visa Holders

The Australian government has announced some changes in skills assessment visa of subclass 485 which will come into force from July 1st, 2015. According to these changes, the applicants for 485 skilled visas need to complete all the subjects mentioned, for a definite evaluation. Previously, the candidates, who already had a precise evaluation for 485 visas, faced no compulsion to complete all the subjects, to apply for a regular skilled visa. They were required to complete an English language proficiency test only.
Under the new rule by the Chartered Accountants, the candidates intending to apply for the 485 visa must complete all the subjects necessary for obtaining the 485 visa. They also announced invitations for Skill Select on July 6th, 2015. The minimum pass mark for getting the invitation is 60. These invitations are issued based on the pro-rata basis. The occupations that fall under this are programmers of Software and Applications, Analysts of ICT Business and Systems, and Accountants.

August 2015, 04

Business Visa Card Extension Announced by Australian Minister

There is an extension plan of three to five years, on APEC Business Travel card meant for overseas business individuals. This was announced by the Assistant Minister of immigration and is good news for all the businessmen who hold business travel card. It targets a multiple stay in Australia and other Asian Pacific countries. This plan originated from the APEC Business Mobility Group and was acknowledged by all the APEC economies.
This five-year extension on the business visa travel cards is the outcome of deliberations.
It allows business people a short stay of five-years, multiple entry visas to other corporate economies and also preferred approach at airports in APEC areas. This will surely benefit common business visitors in the Asia-Pacific region and also travellers who need to purchase or apply for a new card frequently. The application fee is kept at the minimum.

June 2015, 22

Australia Records Growth in the Enrolment of the International Students

In the year 2015, an increase was recorded in the number of international enrolments of international students. In the first quarter, this year nearly 147,000 international students began their studies in Australia when compared to 142,000 during the same period for the year 2014.
In the history of Australia, this figure is the topmost in a single quarter. 35% of these students enrolled in the higher studies, are from China, and India also has a share of 35%. Most of the vocational enrolments are from India 18% and China 7%.
Some positive changes were made to the rules of the student visa with the aim to reduce the categories of student visa from eight to two in the future. It also offers the students 18 months of stay after concluding their graduation. This move will encourage more individuals to apply for the education. These changes have brought cheer and relief to both colleges/universities and also to the international students who desire to get educated here. These students contribute to the economy of Australia every year in a big way. The exports of the education are worth $17.5 billion in a year and they keep growing.

April 2015, 15

Proposal for English Language Test 457 Visa to be Flexible

The proposed changes to the English language test for Australia’s 457 visa program al has been welcomed and it will be implemented soon. This program also ensures to maintain the integrity of the exam. If the proposal is accepted all foreign applicants who intend to apply for a 457 visa now, have to prove their language skills. Presently the applicants are required to score an average of five across the four components, instead of succeeding each test. The Assistant Immigration Minister Michaelia Cash has said it would benefit everyone. She explained that the applicants will need to achieve more than 4.5 in any of the components, and means extra flexibility. Experts feel that the above step if implemented, will strengthen the integrity of the 457 visa program. It will also help in attracting the best and brightest skilled migrants. Through this, Australian businesses will have better access to a wider pool of well-qualified professionals and become globally competitive.

March 2015, 19

Australia Announces Major Amendments to Skilled Visa Program

The government of Australia has announced some amendments to its skilled visa program to address skill shortages and to ensure the proper use of immigration schemes. The Federal Government will soon act on the proposals of independent assessment of the 457 visa program to reinforce the integrity and make sure that native workers have the support of employers.
The panel was assigned to scrutinize compliance as planned to address the skills shortages which were not met within the country by the native workforce. It consulted widely throughout Australia, spoke to 140 stakeholders and received 189 written submissions, from unions, businesses, academics and industrial bodies.
The major recommendation of the assessment includes a key emphasis on targeting employers who try to misuse the program, transparency around the department's approvals and sharing of details between major government agencies.
There is a suggestion that the government would initiate a new penalty, making it illegitimate for sponsors to obtain payment as a response for sponsoring an employee for 457 visas.
The DIBP works cooperatively to ensure that overseas employees on 457 visas get their designated income. The government would simplify sponsorship requirements. A significant recommendation referred to the replacement of existing training target provisions set up by labour, which are expensive, difficult and liable to misuse. Implementation of the recommendations will roll out throughout 2015.

March 2015, 18

Australia Released a New Report on Skill Select Update 2015

A report on Skill Select invitation round has been recently released and according to it, candidates with 60 score who have submitted EOIs on 29 January 2015 obtained invitations on 13 Feb 2015. This shows that the waiting time was two weeks to receive EOI’s invitation. maximum number of Expression of interests were submitted between December 2014 and March 2015, and this time, the waiting time might be considerably over two weeks for each round, which will be held after 13 February. With the rising demand for EOI invitations, initially, invitations are sent only to the candidates who scored the minimum 65 points or above, though the minimum pass point is 60.
ICT Business & Systems Analysts for ANZSCO 2611, the occupational ceiling has reached its cap. Thus, invitations would not be granted under this occupational group for Australia Skilled Regional Sponsored Provisional visa Subclass 489 or Australia Skilled Independent visa Subclass 189 visas until 1 July 2015.
In the former rounds, few invitations were granted to 489 candidates sponsored by a family member. Consequently, the required points for the invitation is 65 or above and the waiting period 6 months or above even with 65 points. In the 13 February 2015 round, this has modified and around 500 invitations were granted for family-sponsored 489 candidates, an increase from 100 in the earlier rounds.
A Family sponsorship adds an extra 10 points to candidate’s score. However, the family member should either be an Australian PR or national residing in a designated area, and they should have skills listed on the SOL.

March 2015, 10

Australia in Need of More Foreign Skilled Workers to Bolster Economy

The Australian government is set to welcome more overseas skilled workers from across the globe. Statistics reveal that it is anticipating attracting nearly 250,000 workers each year till 2050 to improve the country’s economy and living standards.
Such policies will have a positive impact on the economy by adding 1.6 trillion dollars. Through this new move, each immigrant would contribute about 10% more than the existing residents donate to Australia’s economy.
Skilled workers will have a good impact on the population, net productivity, skilled worker’s participation in the fields where the start-ups are experiencing the shortage and employment. Officials further added that immigrants would contribute around 1.6 trillion dollars to country’s GDP by 2050 with 38 million population and 15.7% to the workforce contribution rate, 21.9% in the form wages for low skilled labours and 5.9% as per capita growth.
A report explains that within 35 years immigration will boost the employment growth, as more skilled and highly educated immigrants’ focus mainly on the jobs present in the country. Australia would surely remain as a highly skilled country, as it is expected to enhance the country’s population to 60.4% with the standard university education system and the number of job opportunities. International students would initially pay their full education fees, for higher studies and offer a saving to the budget of the existing government. They boost the nation’s economy when compared to the natives. They lower the income tax rates also. This new report shows the crucial role of immigrants in the steady rise in the economy of the country as well its wellbeing.

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